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Black Sun
Indie Top 20 Volume 6; Pride Of The Independents (1989)
LP UK Beechwood Music; TT06LP
CD UK Beechwood Music; TT06CD
Production; as on FADE OUT.
Notes. From the booklet, "From the L.P. 'FADE OUT', Loop take the blow torch and petrol cans to music and deliver their most powerful single yet". As a curious sidenote, this volume of the Indie Top 20 only includes 19 tracks--go figure.

Cinnamon Girl [Exclusive]
The Bridge; A Tribute To Neil Young (1989)
LP US Caroline; CAROL LP1374 / KAR LP 002
CD US Caroline; CAROL CD1374 / KAR CD 002
Production; by Paul Kendall and Loop. Engineered by Paul Kendall. Recorded and mixed at Blackwing Studios, London. Recorded March 17th & 18th, 1989. Photo by Tom Sheehan.
Notes. "Thanks to Geoff Muncey and Soundheads worldwide!" The record consists of various artists performing Neil Young covers.

Various Artists; Giganitc 2 (1990)
CD UK Melody Maker / Rough Trade; MM RT CD002
CS UK Melody Maker / Rough Trade; MM RT CD002
Production; as on A GILDED ETERNITY.
Notes. This version is identical to the one on A GILDED ETERNITY.
This is a compilation of bands released by Rough Trade in connection with Melody Maker magazine.
The booklet has a page on Loop that contains the following;
"Diving further into their own heart land, Loop irrigate, irritate and alienate in such a way that you have to shield your retinas as the
arc of the comet approaches. MM August, 89".

Various Artists; Indie Top 20 Volume 8 (1990)
LP UK Beechwood Music; TT08LP
CS UK Beechwood Music; TT08CS (?)
CD UK Beechwood Music; TT08CD
Production; as on A GILDED ETERNITY.

Various Artists; A Historical Debt (1991)
LP UK Beechwood Music; HIST1LP
CD UK Beechwood Music; HIST1CD
Production; as on A GILDED ETERNITY.
Notes. This compilation was assembled and released in order to try and defray some of the enormous debts accrued by Rough Trade
Distribution throughout the 1980s (it is an interesting tale, that of Rough Trade, but as there are other, more informed sources, we'll
leave it to them to tell you. Suffice to say that all the tracks included here were donated and the package is a "no-frills" affair--no
information about the tracks themselves save the songwriting credits and copyright data.

Various Artists; The Tyranny Of The Beat (1991)
CD Uk Mute; MUTE 9 61237-2
Production; as on Collision 12".
Notes. Compilation of artists on Mute Records. Limited edition of 2000 includes a video cassette with some live and some staged videos by
artists on the cd. US edition contains the video for "Collision" which is not on the UK version. The video was produced and directed by
Angus Cameron.

Various Artists; New Season (1991)
LP UK Strange Fruit; SFRLP 205
Cd UK Strange Fruit; SFRLP 205 CD?
Production; as on WOLF FLOW. According to the sleeve notes, the session at which this was recorded took place on 11 August, 1987.
Notes. Compilation of tracks from various BBC Radio 1 sessions. The only Loop-relevant text on the sleeve (written by John Reed of Record
Collector) states "Loop's crawling mantra, an overdriven, hypnotic rock formula that echoes both Can and MC5, comes no finer than
"Soundhead" from their 1987 session."

Various Artists; The Collection (1991)
CDx2 SPV 07605452
Production; as on A GILDED ETERNITY
Notes. Compilation of various artists on the Beggars Banquet label.

Pink Moon [Exclusive]
Various Artists; Brittle Days; A Tribute To Nick Drake (1992)
LP UK Imaginary Records; ILL 026?
CD UK Imaginary Records; ILLCD 026
Production; no information given
Notes. Compilation of various artists performing Nick Drake covers.

Pulse (Live)
Various Artists; "Progression" Rape Crisis (1994)
CD UK Progression Records; PROG 29CD
Production; no information given
Notes. The booklet says "Recorded live God knows where in 1989. Courtesy of Reactor."
Compilation designed to raise funds for rape crisis centers throughout Britain. Features 19 other artists in addition to Loop.

Various Artists; Pspyched! (1999)
CD UK Beggar's Banquet; BBP2024CD
Production; as on A GILDED ETERNITY.
Notes. Compilation of artists on Beggars Banquet Records. The booklet contains the following text; "Robert Hampson-guitar, vocals; Neil
MacKay-bass; John Wills-drums. "The ideal gig for us is to have everybody locked in, with no bar to retreat to." Loop were best
experienced live. No two gigs were ever the same, no song ever played the same twice. To them volume was vital to the whole experience.
Loop live were 'felt' not just seen or heard! A total assault on the senses."